Red Phoenix is Building...Differently

Like you - We're Different
In a world of builders wanting to do all, be all and who'll say it all...
Red Phoenix does not.

One size does not fit all.
Our people, our methods, our size, our structures, our skills, and our pricing are not for everybody.
But they may be right just for you.
We encourage you to come on in and take a look and see how they may benefit you and your project. 

We provide second-to-none pre-construction planning, estimating and budgeting along with the project management and execution and, as needed, design-build services. What we do best is excel in providing skilled carpentry driven specialists and general contracting abilities to individual home owners and small business owners along with premium and luxury builders in the Boston-North area.

Red Phoenix is Building.
We are building relationships and partnerships based on openness, promises kept, and delivering to expectations and extraordinary competencies. 

Welcome to our Home !